Island Ošljak

This green pearl in the middle of transparently clear sea is only three miles far from Zadar (about 5 km) and next to the island Ugljan. Pine trees, cypresses, olive trees and all kinds of other mediterranean aromatic plants give it an agreeable place for taking a rest, and it's value and beauty are crowned with having the title of protected park-wood park. There is a 2,5 km long path all around the island from which, while taking a walk, you have a wonderful view of Zadar, hidden coves, rocky beaches, a lighthouse, and if you leave the path and turn to the hill you will be surprised by the ruins of ancient windmills from the 16th century looking a little fairy.

The road conducts you further to a little old church of Saint Mary which has hardly changed its image for the last 1500 years, then to the small port with boats, ferry port and the centre of this old fishing village.

And with just some more steps you close the circle of your walk but there, the restaurant "Lazaret", which, besides the ordinary menu has daily fresh fish cought by Ošljak fishermen, is waiting for you offering rest and refreshment. For those who are more courageous it is a challenge to climb the peak of the island at 90m above sea level from where you have a sight of Zadar sea canal and the nearby islands. So, wherever you go you will meet untouched countryside and you need not fear to get lost.

However, all the links with the "real" world are not broken. On the nearby island Ugljan, in Preko, a small town, you can get everything you need. You can go shopping by yourself if you want or you can simply order to your hosts. And to get to Zadar it takes 20 minutes by ferryboat four times at day.

If we have succeeded to attract you by this eulogy to our small island we promise more and better!



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